Sunday, February 17, 2013

System and Types

A system is  a organized combination of resources working together to convert inputs into useful output. It is derived from a Greek word ‘system’. A system is an organized grouping of interdependent components working together according a plan to fulfill predetermined objectives.

Characteristics of system:
·         Predetermined Objectives
·         It can be further subdivided
·         All components can be interdependent or interrelated

Types of System:
·        Physical System
·        Abstract System
·        Open System
·        Close System
·        Deterministic System
·        Probabilistic System
·        Introduction System

1.     Physical System :
A physical system can be tangible or visible which can be touch and also be counted. Physical system can be operated statically or dynamically.

2.     Abstract System:
It can be conceptual or intangible.
For ex:    A model of organization represents the concept.

3.     Open System:
An open system is that interacts freely with outside environment and also it can be affected from outside environment. When the environment changes the open system must also change in order to adopt itself to the environment otherwise it will be fail.

4.     Deterministic System:
Deterministic system operates in a manner that stat of the system at a time is already determined and we can also predict the next state of the system without error.
For ex: The output of computer system is deterministic.

5.     Probabilistic System:
The probabilistic system works in a predictable manner. If we can predict the stat of the system then it is probabilistic.
For ex: Economic forecasting.


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