Sunday, February 17, 2013

Feasibility study

Feasibility Study:
Feasibility is a process that identifies , describes and evaluates proposed system and selects the best system for the job. During the study, the problem definition is solved and all aspects of problem to be included in the system are determined. Size of project, cost and benefits are also estimated with greater accuracy. The result of feasibility study is simply a report which is a formal document detailing the nature and scope of the proposed solution.
1.    Technical feasibility
2.    Economical feasibility
3.    Operational feasibility
4.    Behavioral feasibility

1.   Technical feasibility:
It determines whether the technology needed for the proposed system is available and how it can be integrated within the organisation. Technical evaluation must also assess whether the staff have technical expert to understand and use the new technology.

2.   Economical feasibility:
The purpose of assessing economical feasibility is to identify the financial benefits and cost associated with the development of the system. Economic feasibility is often known as the cost benefit analysis. To carry out an economical feasibility study it is necessary to estimate actual money value against activities needed for implementing the system.

3.   Operational feasibility:
It is concerned with human, organisational and political aspects.
It includes two ways–
i.                   Technical performance:
It includes issues such as whether the system can provide the right information for organisation’s personnel at right time and right place.
ii.                 Acceptance within the organisation:
It determines the general attitudes and job skills of existing personnel and whether any changes in job work will be acceptable by the current users.

4.   Behavioral feasibility:
It includes how strong the reaction of staff will be towards the development of new system that involves computer’s use in their daily work. So resistant to change is identified.

Ø After feasibility study feasibility report is prepared and submitted to the management.


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